Author Guidelines


Information for Paper Submission

 The Editorial Board welcomes theoretical, literature review and research reports manuscripts that have never been submitted for consideration nor published elsewhere. The general writing guidelines are as follows:


  1. Manuscript is based on the theoretical, literature review, and research report articles on the topic of English language education, literature, and applied linguistics
  2. The manuscript need to be not published elsewhere previously. If the manuscript has been presented at any seminar or conference, the name of the conference, the institution where it has been presented and the date of the presentation needs to be mentioned.
  3. The title of the manuscript must be written in CAPITA LETTERS, using Book Antique, font size 12 and bold.
  4. The manuscript is written single-spaced in English, in Book Antiqua size 12.
  5. All manuscripts should conform to APA Style Manual, and it should follow the journal format or template.
  6. Manuscript not conforming to the journal’s writing template or format and APA style will be returned to the author (s) for reformatting. Authors may revise and resend the manuscript after reformatting the manuscript in the accepted format and style.
  7. References must consist of sources cited in the article only. The majority of references should be recently published materials, i.e., in the last ten years, except the literary works or language texts used as the research data.
  8. Articles will be peer-reviewed, and the Editorial Board reserves the right to edit the manuscripts for format consistency without altering the substance.
  9. Manuscript should be written in MSWord, saved as a Word Document file and named as [Author’s Last Name-Title]. Send the manuscript as e-mail attachment to: …..
  10. There is no publication fee.
  11. Authors whose manuscripts are rejected will get written notification. The Editorial Board reserves the rights to turn down the manuscripts without stating the reasons.



Thank you for your interest in publishing your manuscript in ELEJ.