Perlunya Kompetensi Bagi Peningkatan Kualitas Pelajar: Tinjauan Kurikulum

  • Fransiskus Soda Betu, S.Fil., M.Pd
Keywords: competence, curriculum, student


The purpose of this research is to describe the importance of competence for
students. The research methodology, in this research, is library research. The
research results consist of (1) looking at the relationship between standardbased

curriculum and competencies-based curriculum; (2) the importance of
competence in the curriculum; (3) curriculum based on competence in systemic
curriculum or technology; (4) understanding of curriculum development based on
competence: centralized or decentralized; and (5) the relevance of the curriculum
to the basis of competence. This study suggests that schools contribute to the
development of student competencies