Pendidikan Karakter Anak Usia Dini melalui Program 7 Fitrah Anak

  • Hulailah Istiqlaliyah Institut Ilmu Al-Quran
Keywords: education; character; nature, early childhood


One of the problems of education in Indonesia is the lack of education character based education. Educating is not just giving knowledge and learning materials, but also for build attitudes and behavior in order to be a role model. Character Children are the initial foundation of the education system. Research purposes This is to introduce character education methods to children through the 7 fitrah program, namely the child's nature in improving faith, maintaining personal hygiene, independent, interacting, affection, able to distinguish gender, and responsibility. Method the research used is descriptive qualitative through study literature. The results of the study describe that education Character-based can make children develop well according to potential. Based on the results of the analytical study it is known that the child can have a positive personality and develop accordingly its development includes increased knowledge and improvement religious behavior, such as praying, reciting the Koran, knowing Islamic history, able to adopt a healthy life, able to distinguish holy and clean, can overcome problems encountered such as tidying up toys messy, there is an attitude of social care to peers and affection in creating social relations, towards opposite sex respect and respect each other, and capable responsible.