Ketidakadilan Gender pada Komentar Netizen dalam Postingan Akun Instagram Lesti Kejora

  • Petrus Sii PBSI Unika Santu Paulus Ruteng
Keywords: Gender inequality, verbal violence, types of gender inequality.


Gender is the difference in the roles or behaviors of both women and men. This difference often results in injustice, and the victims are women, both in the form of oppression and physical and verbal violence. The theories used are Mansour Fakih's theory of gender and Baryadi's theory of verbal violence. The researcher is interested in finding out the gender inequality found in the comments of netizens in the posts on Lesti Kejora's Instagram account because gender often results in differences so women experience oppression and are victims of these differences. Men and women must be equal.

The objectives to be achieved in this study are: (1) to describe forms of verbal violence in netizen comments in posts on Lesti Kejora's Instagram account, and (2) to describe types of gender inequality in comments from netizens in posts on Lesti Kejora's Instagram account.

The type of research used is qualitative with descriptive methods. Data source: Lesti Kejora's Instagram account. Data collection techniques include (1) reading techniques and (2) note-taking techniques. Data analysis techniques used: (1) data reduction, (2) data presentation, and (3) drawing conclusions

Gender inequality in the comments of netizens on posts on Lesti Kejora's Instagram account contains 58 data points from 23 posts, which are divided into forms of verbal violence and types of gender inequality. The forms of verbal violence found in the comments column are cursing, threatening, name-calling, insulting, degrading, and blaming. While the types of gender injustice are subordination, gender injustice, stereotypes, violence, and workload,

Of the forms of verbal violence written by netizens, this was the most insulting. The form of humiliation is in the form of physical humiliation, behavior, work, and actions carried out by someone, whereas the types of gender injustice found in netizen comments are more verbal violence in the form of humiliating, blaming, and cursing. Bullying is also a form of verbal violence in the form of written language, which was written by netizens to be more physical bullying of women.